Casa di Anto

the beach (Blue Flag 2018) the sea (Blue Flag 2018) from the veranda underwater

Flats holidays at the sea

but not at an ordinary sea. We are talking about a very special see, one of them with crystal-clear water and breath-taking transparency, one you see once, dive intoand it remains deep inside you, in your thoughts and you can´t wait to come back.

That´s the sea on East Sardinia. Anto will show you a locality where you can spend an unforgettable holiday at the Sardinian sea, in comfortable well equipped flats just a few metres far away from a beach with very white sand.

It´s a peaceful place, which kept its wild spirit, right for people wishing to slow down on holiday and find a natural rhythm again. You´ll be absorbed in an environment, where adults and children can take again pleasure in playing in the open air and enjoy many little wonders.

In 2018 Cea beach received from FEE ("Foundation for Environmental Education") the Blue Flag.

Visit our website pages on flats and, if you want to, ask further details. You may often find pleasant surprises where you least expect it.