Casa di Anto



 Mom Ornella and

 dad Peppinetto

 Mother Nature



 My coscience


 Andreas Viklund

 Daniel Carlsson

Without them I would not be here.

Without them I would not be the person I am, I would not have what I have, I would not have been able to transmit to others what they have taught to me to learn.

With her essence inscrutable and boundless wisdom has known how to create Cea a magic and inimitable place.

Which shows me the alternatives to educate a child, and it shares with me the passion for our island and for the motorbike. The future of Casa di Anto.

Because  she  directs  so  very  well  House  of  Anto  while  I'm  busy  in  foreign country.

That lets travel me with my thought of possessed projects, but then bring me back to the reality of daily life ("... dai Anto, prus'a prestu").

Translator and intrerpreter of the contained texts in this site so that also the foreigner can know Casa di Anto.

Two perfect strangers casually met on internet, that have had the goodness to make the template, that it is at the base of this web site, available. Thanks to Andreas and Daniel