Casa di Anto


Who is Anto?

Hi, I'm Antonello, born in 1960 in Ogliastra, an area of central-eastern Sardinia that starts from the middle of the Gulf of Orosei and get down to the beaches of Quirra, and to the west up to the mountains of Gennargentu.

I grew up a family style 60's years

I studied at a Salesian school, where I discovered that if Latin is rather confusing, the ancient greek is truly impenetrable. however, learned that the bread with chocolate is an unique goodness.

I have always tried to understand how things are made and how they work.

Now I live and work in Verona in a company that commercializes auto parts.

Well, but what relation is there with the houses in Sardinia?
the houses were built by my father, in 1960, when Cea was a strange place, very wild and unexplored. I have always lived there in the summers. Then it was a white farmhouse on one floor, typical of the "Mediterranean" style.

Since the 90s I have taken care, together with my partner Antonella, of those buildings and the land around.

Today, even if I'm in Verona, are constantly in contact with Antonella that lives in Sardinia and that takes care of that little paradise.