Casa di Anto

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Location and characteristics

Neck of the woods

As everyone knows, Sardinia is a very special island. Since Sergio Frau supposed in his book "Le Colonne d'Ercole, un'inchiesta" (The Pillars of Hercules, a report), that it could be the lost Atlantis, just the idea of being one of its heirs made me feel so proud of being Sardinian.

Ogliastra is a region on the east coast to the south of Orosei bay at the foot of Gennargentu. The area has always been isolated, actually from time immemorial. This is the reason why it is said to be the island on the island. The main tourist business headed north to Costa Smeralda and Alghero or further in the south to the area around Cagliari, to Villasimius, leaving the region uncontaminated and still preserving the fascination of a wild unexplored territory.


On the top of a small hill it has a beautiful view over the sea eastwards. The surrounding plot of land is private property and borders straight on the beach. Flats were designed to accomodate 4 people comfortably and are equipped with all you need.


Cea. 2 km fine white sand between one granite reef in the south and another red porphyry reef in the north running down to the sea and then emerging again with two magnificent stone towers, the symbol of the beach: Faraglioni. The calm sea with crystal-clear shallow water and sandy bottom invites to refreshing promenades.

From the house to the beach it takes a short pleasant walk. People, who need to carry push-chairs or sea accessories, will reach the beach by car.





Within a twenty-kilometre radius, twenty minutes by car at the most, you reach the most important towns in the region: Lanusei, Barisardo, Tortolì, Loceri, where you can find all the facilities: supermarkets, handicraft and souvenir shops, public offices, restaurants, bus and railway stations.

Not only sea

to discover the Ogliatsra the website offers many excellent directions.